Monday, 1 February 2010

Oh oh my cocoa can !

cocoa is my drug of choice .
aesthetics my sensitivity......
Im a little perturbed because ...

Waitrose recently changed the design of their own -brand cocoa -tin from the one on the right to the one on the left.
Which do you prefer?
Why might they have changed it do you think ?
I need help ... in more ways than one !
(Its ok cocoa by the way ,for the price )

Theoretical Priciples of De-aestheticized Art this is a very dense article only read it if you have a question about the relevance or irrellevance of aesthetics that bugs you sometimes as it does me .... a lot


  1. Diving into some Lindt 60% Extra Dark Truffles, then maybe some Starbucks Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. I learnt another spelling, expresso, a long time ago, and can't say espresso. There's another Anne Russell on Facebook by the way. I seek elegance. The cult of original genius is overrated. The desire to out do all predecessors, and to be completely unlike anything prior, to out shock, to redefine the boundaries of art is an aesthetic dead end in my opinion. They would need wholly new and alien colors and pigments. There are easier ways to challenge the audience whose intelligence should be respected and given the benefit of the doubt rather than contempt. I know well it is easy to become cynical about the capacity of the general public, but they've been under intellectual assault for some time. Particularly here in the US. I'm caught amongst them.

  2. I believe that your "thinking" on the subject of art is where it is going it really is about people and their consciousnes of that which is around them that is where it is at at this time it is the awareness of the "audience /spectator" that defines what is aesthetically pleasing or not .
    You seek elegance and are pleased to find it and may then "frame "that ... "it" has served the traditional purpose of "art" ie as a vehicle for discourse

  3. About the other Anne Russell .... yes there are a few . I have noted the artist in the USA '
    My presence is not as high as it once was in the web ... I dont know how it slipped . My website is old and needs work There are links in there .. nice to hear from you

  4. Decided to put my attempts at poetry in my other blog Moriarty's Paradise

  5. I prefer the one on the right. It has a much more "ethnic" feel to it.
    Why have the changed it? To fit in with a new corporate scheme? To give it that old fashioned 60's look?

  6. Yes Paul, that "old fashioned 60's look "that is so much more modern looking than the other can that is so"unfashionably retro" as to actually connect the product with its origin(the cocoa bean).
    Thats progress for you . It really really upsets me to see both graphics and nature so poorly considered uhhh that should read so ABUSED.
    thanks for caring and sharing


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