Tuesday, 16 February 2010


It’s one of those grey days.

One of those grey days when the sky is an n ever-changing grey or should I say an ever-lightening grey.

On a grey day there is no pressure to be gay, to be bright or to be doing anything spectacular.

On a day like today one need only go through the motions of going to work , taking the kids to school, getting in the groceries , paying a bill maybe.

There is no requirement to be fabulous ; to match or be infected by, the weather. It is a particularly great day to allow yourself to simply be and that includes staying in bed if that is where you want to be.

In a grey light,and I mean light , not a dark grey day, colours become brighter. There is no competition from the bleaching or blinding sunshine on such a day.

Enjoy your grey day.

It is a day when your smile will be more appreciated and seem brighter than on a sunny day too. Be cheerful and it will be noticed.
Just a small word of caution, if you don’t want your clothes to steal the limelight from your pleasant nature ,don’t wear red in large quantity.
Have a great day !
(pun intended)


  1. Is Garibaldi out of style? I've one red shirt. It's a short sleeve so I don't wear it in the hazy shade of winter. That's a lot of canvas.

  2. I love reading this posting. I am reminded that grey carries its own fabulous qualities. Since I'm living in sunny and clear New Mexico, I find myself waking in the early morning hours, hopeful to find a grey, fog filled landscape. But if the sky is clear, and the sun illuminates the desert arroyo and adobe houses, I can come to this blog and immerse myself in the delicious gayness of this grey post.

    This blog reads like a meditation.

  3. Dear Strangerland..
    Garibaldi is a good case in point ... He certainly did not want his opponents to notice his "pleasant nature" but rather be in awe of his power and ferocity (enhanced by the red shirt). Red definitely has its place eg: on very grey days and of course in the snow it is thrilling. In the brilliant sunshine of course anything goes

  4. Hi Kameshwari!
    you in turn connect me to New Mexico and I often wander there thanks to you.
    In that climate "sky clad" is the order of the day n'est pas?
    The still light grey days are very conducive to and reminiscent of meditation pretty much a metaphor of a middle way or no mind state.

  5. Yes Strangerland ..It is too much canvas for comfort....


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