Monday, 18 January 2010


I smiled all over recently when I was invited to a private the out-patient waiting area of a mental health unit.

Art in health is often a rather diluted affair but this was brilliant ! It was alive and powerful creating a sense of relevance to the place that will affect those who enter and wait here ...

The fact that it is rather" wacky "work that is being so revered and hung in such a reverential way can only be a good thing too. It is bound to engage and give a sense of pride to anyone who feels their sanity is in doubt

The work was by the prominent architect Will Alsop and also on show was work done by him in collaboration with patients from the unit.

If you have never come across this guy before(thats one of the pieces in the show btw above ..mixed media on paper aprox 60cmx25cm)
then let me introduce you to him

• he sees no distinction between art and architecture
• believes that both begin in the same place
• is threatening to give up architecture in favour of painting full time (Im not sure he should do that)
• he has created some monumental buildings
• they are kind of like paintings (now that’s  a big step.. and a hop.. and a skip.. and a jump )
• he pulls it off !!!!
• he brightens up the world with his creative energetic play
• his work is controversial (I doubt Prince Charles rates him very highly.. although you never know........he liked Spike Milligan a lot and there is a resemblance)
• is a buddy of ‘80s artist luvy Bruce McClean (they paint together ,how very charming and unconventional)

Stephen Bayley said (affectionately) in the Observer
“Alsop has a ludic approach to building designs”

what a wonderful word “ludic”is and how often we misuse it in its protracted form i.e.” ludicrous”
Ludic means light and playful .......nothing ludicrous about that is there?

You can get a sense of his work and learn more about Will Alsop  here its a good place to start anyway
Enjoy the trip ... I know Will does and I do too! let me know if you do or not ..wont you xxx
an associated link to Wills painting buddy Bruce McLean  should old aquaintance be forgot !


  1. I included a link in my blog to
    Bruce McLean's paintings. Look nice in thumbnails. Will have to take a closer look.

  2. I hope they encourage you to continue drawing and painting you clearly have a natural talent .


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