Monday, 19 March 2012


It was in August 2010 when I was delighted to find my palette more interesting than the piece I was working on. Delighted because I knew I was moving on , that something new was on the horizon .
I mean I really knew , knew that what I wanted was to have that unconscious uncontrolled little mess of pink and green with my name on it  . This I would be proud of .

Does that seem strange ? Previously ,I had been working away making monumental detailed oil paintings of little tricky challenging bits plucked from nature and making ever such a good job of it and a fair amount of income too.But I did not like it ... I did not like the eye-strain or the brain- strain . It was art as a kind of tortuous display of observation skill . Almost a "showing off" of my" amazing" skills developed over years of assiduous practise but you know what ? anyone can do that with the will and practise !That's what I used to teach and I've seen it proved over and over again . Some people have more of a leaning towards it and a bit of a head start ,that would be the more left-brained ones (like myself) but believe me anyone and everyone can draw and paint what they see.

I needed to learn a little so went off to St. Ives ,the home of British Abstraction .. attended a two day workshop which got me going  and I have not stopped since. I am  liberated at last . Free to enjoy colour line and form for their own sake . Free to dance . I'm having a great time .  to see work in progress ... and give me feedback   ta .. love you all ... be happy !!

Currently I am preparing for a solo show in a hospital .Which is just the best thing possible for me right now. I Am going to do something sooooo cheerful and uplifting!  I'm going to make 'em "smile all OVER"


  1. It is wonderful for me to read this post. Although I have never studied art or did an exploration of artists and their transitions, it is clear that you've moved into a brilliant transformation. How can you make such profound abstract art without all of the valuable years of creating detailed oil paintings?

    I am happy to see you here.

  2. Kameshwari , Its a mirror of my life I am pleased to say ..... Ive moved on , served my time ..... am on the brink of nirvana trying to stay grounded while I fly !


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