Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Affordable art to live on under and over .

so I see this stall on Portobello Road . I am stunned . It is Marcus and his amazing collection of Kilims and Susanis
.Im crazy about these beautiful handmade artifacts . Im hooked Im broke but I cannot resist .
The first Kilim I ever bought was in a small village in Sparta and it came from "Asia Minor"I am absoloutly captivated by the magic of these carpets .
Kilim : Afghanistan

Marcus also sells Susani .... The work in these is just phenominal .
 Embroidered by hand they can be as large as 6 x6ft.
Im going to cut what could be a long story about my passion and tell you this instead ...

Rifat Ozbek has a new line these days "Yastik"( as you may or may not know) It is all cushions made from hand woven /embroidered fabrics .   I was given a lovely little one made from "susani" that is filled with Lavender ...with a traditional middle eastern ticking  on the back .... heavenly to touch look at and smell. Its tiny 6x6 inches  and cost £65.00. It's got me smiling all over at bed time these days

Robert Kime

 Robert Kime(above ) has Susani that make me almost faint with delight (thats a lot more than just "smiling all over") This panel in the window of his Kensington Church Stteet shop is £1,000.00 pounds . . I would own it and its matching partner if I had that kind of moneyfor that kind of thing
                                    He also has gorgeous susani  cushion covers that are very pricey.

Meanwhile , back to reality , real prices anyway, and  Marcus on Portobello Road ....... He's lovely , he sells lovely merchandise at earthling prices    Visit him , enjoy his stock buy something , he,ll give you a good deal.I call him magic Marcus as I dont know how he manages to give such good value in kilims and susani  
I'll give Marcus of Portobello Road (opposite Starbucks) the last word or rather "picture"


                    (Please let me know if you visit his stall and how it went and what you thought)

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