Saturday, 14 November 2009


This blog is entitled "LIVING WITH ART"and I have been wondering if I was ever going to explain my reason for this title. I HOPE to days blog will go some way toward that end.
takes the darkness out of night-time .. paints the day-time black" ..Bob Dylan
Today was grey and wet and windy.

I went to town , because I can. …….in a Burberry that is!
Mine is of the very ancient classic variety, a gift from my dear friend Jay who deals in antiques and collectables and who has a great eye for quality .Ok that is chance and not skill on my part but I did choose him as my most intimate friend ... that was o ok ! and NATURE

On a day like today, 17 degrees (warm for mid November), I can wear the esteemed garment over a viscose slip dress and brown suede boots (TK Max)
I don’t mean to show off about the designer label but I do have a need to celebrate those things that make me smile, and my Burberry makes me “smile all over".
The dress is a favourite too, vintage Ghost, a fawn/fudge colour which is perfect under the coat and was also a gift, from my daughter-in-law, Mishca who also has a great eye ...for fashion and a bargain and ..ok yes...that is down to good luck and nature also.

sense alert! looking , seeing ,tasting and.... feeling ..... good

On Kensington High street ,giving the Jimmy Choo's in H&M a wide berth ,I went to Hotel Chocolat (opposite Tesco) for my favourite meal ; a bowl of melted unsweetened 100% chocolate.

I don’t know if it was the wearing of the Burberry and the Britishness of the weather or my tuning in to the zeitgeist but I found this advent calendar irresistible (at £10.00).
There is something a little disconcerting about the gold crucifix on the advent calendar but it is nevertheless rather beautiful and well balanced in colour line and form .I’m sure it’s based on a vogue cover but maybe not, though it certainly looks familiar.

I was given these "union jack" chocs to eat with my bowl of chocolate.
I think the design ,based on the union flag, works better on the chocolates, the horizontal format has more integrity.
It is an interesting concept whose time has come again ,I’m pleased to see Angus Thirwlwell co- founder and chief exec.of Hotel Chocolat being innovative, British ,elegant and stylish .

(Is it just me or is it out there in the zeitgeist?)

Yes a Burberry British day indeed. I am grateful to have been blessed with the ability to enjoy it so thoroughly despite some painful challenges.
…I wonder if Burberry will make a range of chocolates …. They do perfume after all


If Mdme. Chanel (the first fashion designer to produce her own perfume), had not had the forename Coco I reckon she might have made chocolates but just how inelegant would that have been ?? Im sure it is the only reason she resisted.
Has any fashion house completed the sensational package of taste,look ,touch and smell??
YET!!!!!! It is an idea whose time has come for sure
May your inner artist take the darkness out of night-time and paint the day-time any colour of the rainbow you prefer or black which is after all a perfect blend of all the colours of the spectrum
. all comments ,feedback and sharing warmly welcomed .

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