Monday, 26 October 2009

all cotton white and beautiful...

My white linen gleams in the sun today.
By linen I mean

a white Egyptian cotton sheet and

antique damask bedspread.

It is indeed an Indian summer .Speaking of India and summer I realize that there is no way of buying White Indian cotton bedding in London .If you know otherwise then please let me know...
Buying Egyptian cotton does not have to be expensive if you are looking for the feel and health-benefits of cotton and don’t mind the lower thread counts.
I find them cheapest in my local market at North End Road SW10.
I like my sheets quite rough and have really enjoyed (once anyway), sleeping in quite heavy Irish linen.
White bed-linen has the fetishistic appeal of a blank canvas for me and shares many of the properties of the same. It is white for one thing and cotton for another .
As I can’t quite make it to the canvas supplier at the moment and have some commissioned canvases to complete, I could consider stretching the sheet and painting on that. I won’t though, as it just won’t become taught enough and will keep sagging.
Only cotton canvas will shrink and become taught, (Even Linen sold for painting has a tendency to sag and needs constant attention and restretching to keep it taught.)
Taught.. Taught as a drum and great pleasure has been had by this painter, enjoying a good old drumming session on newly stretched and shrunk canvas. Rhythm is as important in a painting as line colour and form after all….
And now for a bath in the sunshine that blazes through my door.

What a life of many affordable luxuries and at least one of them free today.
May the offers never end.


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