Friday, 9 October 2009


"O lemon you light up my life !. even the darkest corner of my kitchen bathroom livingroom . even my anatomy is given a lighter life by your mere touch "

The lemon has had a place in art for forever .

a bowl or plate of lemons can light up a room ,your day your life and your cuisine of course .the illustration above is one of my mood boards from my early c1990 days in interior design .

Lemons are an inexpensive , nay economical LUXURY

  • eat them and use them in cooking in a million ways which we probably are all aware but heres a link to an exotic Arabic recipe for preserving them if that appeals . (I have never tried this nor does it seem very useful unless you have at least one over-zealous lemon tree inyour garden . )

  • drinking lemon juice in warm water every morning first thing will keep your colon clean especially useful if you have recently had a colonic (irrigation) and would rather never have another in the same way as we take greater care of your teeth AFTER having just been to the dentist for root-canal work . Hey if you can avoid that again I reckon you will .

  • use them to wash dishes (use half of the one you squeezed in the am )It makes a good scourer,cuts through grease like ...uhhh .greased-lightening? is great for your hands , disinfecting and safe to eat

  • clean surfaces chopping boards .Both wooden and plastic. They will be disinfected and untainted by chemicals therefore suitable for purpose if sprinkled with some inexpensive cooking salt and sscrubbed with a lemon , No not ANOTHER LEMON ... no ;the other half of that lemon that you squeezed in the morning when you cleansed that colon


collect a straw or two from Starbucks or ...Mc whatever .... or Coffee Republic ,Neros If you ever find yourself in one of those (it can happen to anybody so dont beat yourself up ):cut the decadent plastic straw in two and drink your lemon juice through it (you can safely rinse and re-use it as it will be soooo disinfected by the NATURAL colon friendly lemon. Why? because you dont want to let the acid rot your teeth and have to visit the dentist just to avoid a colonic irrigation treatment ... well I dont anyway ... That's skillfull living for you. There's an art to everything

An interesting fact :Lemons are ACID BUT ALKALINE FORMING

is this a good thing or a bad thing ?



  1. I love chucking half a lemon into the juice extractor, skin and all, along with some carrots, an apple and a small piece of ginger.

  2. hello dear canalily , A juicer is a luxury that I have not yet purchased .. I peruse a long ime the pros and cons of all purchases along the lines of .." is this I luxury I canot afford to have ... or... something that I cannot afford to be without .
    Does yours do wheatgrass too?

  3. Yes, apparently it does. Though I haven't tried it yet. It also makes nut butters, sherbets and even ice cream.


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