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Normally I don’t go to cafes or restaurants when I’m out and about . I have always considered them a waste of money and would go about my business (usually at a hundred miles an hour and then get back home for a green tea and bowl of rice or something equally nourishing.
Things have changed in recent months. I am “perambulaterarilily” (ok so I’ve made that word up ,…I think ) challenged what I mean is : sometimes I can't walk AT ALL .
I have to sit down somewhere until I can walk again
I still go out and recently I made it to Brighton!
My niece was having her first solo exhibition of paintings so it was a must.
I got there early enough to do some window shopping in the Lanes ,the gallery was open at six and it became necessary for me to sit down but where ?
There are hundreds of cafes in that area and I didn’t fancy any of them .
Almost ready to collapse, I came upon a double glass front, that at first took my breath away and then made me smile all over (yes again !)
Smiling all over is my benchmark for coming to rest /feeling blissful/nirvana.
I beheld the cleanest, whitest environment that ever was.
It is called
To the right, of the space : Pure, clean organic, vegetarian (vegan)food and wine.
To the Left a little curved counter, a wall of coloured bottles ( pictured above )
At right angles to that another wall of cosmetics and toiletries.
I stepped inside and was welcomed by ambient music that was not even weird. I love ambient music but sometimes it is intrusive when it does not accord with nature or is not authentic or something and just not really ambient at all .
When I washed my hands in the rest room I gasped audibly on noticing a splash back on two sides of ROSE-QUARTZ.
It did not end there the hand-wash and lotion was divine.
I almost became dizzy in that little W.C.
After choosing some food I sat at a pristine white table on a pristine white chair and reoriented myself to just what kind of place I was in .
The food I understood. You chose and paid by weight.
Now what were these amazing coloured bottles?
Ill cut to the chase here. The bottles are part of the system known as AURA-SOMA ,an ayurveda based chakra therapy using colour. The bottles are made up of minerals(eg rose-quartz) and fragrant plant oils .
In consultation you choose one then two and then a third bottle from the selection in the above picture. The first choice will probably be how you feel ,the second how you would like to feel and the third is the one that will get your chakras back into balance
There are a range of toiletries too in the therapeutic range you need . It was these in the form of hand wash and lotion that I had been intoxicated by in the washroom.
Upstairs there was a yoga studio and a therapy room
If only there were more integrated places and spaces like this in Britain in the world !!!!
If you know of any similar QUALITY OF LIFE places please leave a comment and or follow my blog so we can enjoy these together.

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