Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The art of dressing my "self"

Gudren  is a "good "  woman who works and creates to "live a good life "  and so am I
Gudren loves nature  so do I 
Gudren says "Beauty to me is adding colours and patterns"  I agree 
Gudren says  "Quality of life is living close to nature in colourful comfortable and practical clothes "
Gudrens' designs are  eco-friendly ,affordable, high quality , modest , suitable unto my  years ,a little folksy (which I favour) and  definitely Bohemian like  Gudren and myself.   She makes clothes for those who are like herself  . She makes the clothes she likes for all women like her of all ages ,in natural organic fibres  .

I choose to wear these clothes because they ad"dress"what I believe in at soul level

What to wear over 70 ?

Since the departure of Tanya Sarne of the  Ghost  fashion label I have felt bereft of what was once the very great pleasure of clothes shopping .Ghost still exists but it is not hers anymore , and there  are none of the great warehouse sales beloved of so many others of my tribe .

I love all the are e wares on sale in the  Anthropology emporium but really, apart from the odd household item in the sale I find it way over my budget and I have heard odd stories re: ethics there which put me off a little although they may not be true  .

Other things are out there that I like the look of .. linen eco cotton  garments etc  I notice them all but none  compare with the value I find at Monmouth Street in  Covent Garden  at the London store of .......

                                                                  .......                 Gudrun Sjödén 

Gudren designing
from Gudrens' lovely book "Portfolio"

 above : a design from gudrens' Portfolio
below :textiles in the shop 
towels  :the shop
a design 
some designs on the wall of the shop
the shop in Monmouth Street
the shop in Monmouth street 
designs from Gudrens' portfolio on the wall of the shop

the shop in Monmouth Street  
 the shop in Monmouth Street

 happy here in 4 layers of Gudren 
(petticoat £45  Dress £75 tunic £68 scarf £17  )
(Approximate prices)
so here is the website : a portal to this planet-loving  , life-enhancing ,age-inclusive , spiritually-sound, ethical , reasonably priced (given the quality &durability), bohemian style trip. For folk like us that is to say, Gudren and me 

UK | Gudrun Sjödén Ltd. 65-67 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9DG | order@gudrunsjoden.co.uk | Phone store (+44)(0)20 72 40 22 11 | Phone mail order 0800 056 9912 .

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