Friday, 15 April 2016


Needed to get my feet up ,as you do after traipsing around looking for the best value kettle . I mean I have lived in cute little towns where to get everything you need is within a 500 yard walk . That's great ,but I live in London ,that is made up of villages ,so they say . Some of these villages ,however are really big and the borough or "village" of Kensington and Chelsea is big. Very big ,and ,indeed is made up of two villages ,Kensington & Chelsea.. 
Anyhow, just in case you find your self stuck on Kensington High Street and in need of a sit down that wont cost you the inflated price of a cup of coffee , here is my recommendation. and here are my feet up in my recommended spot .

and here are my feet up in my recommended spot .

This is the view from said window ,it is looking up Kensington Church Street towards Nottinghill Gate. I am sitting here ,with my feet up in an ARMCHAIR folks , a comfortable armchair . No-one bothers me . I am not obliged to buy anything. I can eat or drink  if I want to ,right here in this quiet spot looking out on a London that is pretty well iconic .

Did I mention ,the toilets are great and free ?

or that you can buy food here ,organic food ?

great bread

OK so it was Barkers and it was BIBA too ,both landmarks of a time gone by and part of my life that has gone by with both . I used to be a waitress in the divine rainbow room high in the roof garden of BIBA back in the day ,back in the days when gold-rimmed black coffee cups were exciting .Well the staircase remains in its art-deco glory

Anyway my dears, it is now an enormous wholefood store ,it is called Kensington Wholefoods and is situated at the top end  of Kensington High Street which for reasons of economy we call High Street Ken.
I say "top end" as High Street Ken is an incline or hill .

I aught to say , this is quite an obscure spot in this otherwise bustling store . It is situated up the stairs pictured above ,then turn sharp right on the first floor . PS. there is free wi-fi .  

Think of me dear reader, if you do drop in here  as I  think of you whilst lounging in this free comfort zone

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