Wednesday, 10 June 2015


 When I began this blog , I didn't know quite how to put it ,but I wanted to talk about how everything in life can be an art . I was not sure if that was even true as I am aware of the natural tendencies we are all pretty much governed by.

That was quite a while ago now when I had this urge to proclaim "everyone can be an artist ... everyone IS an artist  ...etc" . I still believe this to be so but along the way I have come to realise ,to learn , what a deeply complex relationship this is between art and nature and that I don,t know that much about either ,well not enough to make any grand statement or get involved in lengthy or profound didactical debate on the topic.

The tea drinking ceremony .;postID=5109086020610002834;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=22;src=postname  stands out to me as an example of what the artist in the article in the link below is emulating

I guess the question , I am trying to answer for myself is  "WHEN  is  something art ?" closely followed by "WHAT is art ? "
reading this article/review today , I get the feeling stronger than ever that art is just whatsoever we say it is and that ultimately the only people who really should be giving a darn WHAT it is should be the professional critics and the rest of us should just get on with living and doing it to the best of our abilities and bring to it our many differences ,dreams and  aspirations .

I have come down firmly in agreement with Elbert Hubbard who says
                                 "Art is not a thing ,it's a way

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