Friday, 13 April 2012


Art is something we can all practice .
 When we practice we are being artists
 The more we practice the better artists  we become.
Everything can be an art if we practice .
Artists are practitioners of awareness and mindfulness.
when we have put in lots of practice we can be artists .
There is an art to everything .
and then there is just doing stuff .
An artist is one who practices .
be it cooking ,gardening,mothering,caring,shopping,spending,entertaining, playng football,looking,seeing,dancing ,meditating etc.
practice whatever you choose in life and become an artist .
You will not fail .
What are the qualities of the artist ?
actually its not like that what it is is once you find your inner artist everything you do becomes an art . It is something that permeates your entire life . Choosing a medium like paint ink or clay is just that ..its just choosing to do that or rather to employ your artist to work through that medium but every rule of life ,of living as an enlightened human being applies also to your artwork . The artwork is really no more than a metaphor for life and living .


  1. There is so much inspiration in what you have written here.

    Just this morning, while making the bed, I felt for a moment that my housework is so meaningless. Then I stopped, took a deep breath, and proceeded with making the bed. This time, I stopped being in a hurry and made the bed slowly. It was at that moment, that I felt as if I was being a part of the bed. After reading your Be the Artist, I came to realize that at the moment I slowed down, making the bed was my art.

    Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. Bed-making is a beautiful pure art that shares your sense of order and purity with the world . Your mindfulness shines through this act and sheds light.
      I am certain much of your life is mindfully practiced .
      How lovely to read your comment and to share such a deep recognition . Namaste


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