Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I’m growing rather fond of the big bird  on my block

I have become used to the fact that someone (an artist?)out there can see into my home.

I have also enjoyed immensely watching the Bauhaus type construction that is in progress .

It is ,as a whole, a very pleasing aesthetic experience of the urban variety.

The construction itself is so simple, it is a grid and a cube at that and that is rather pleasing in a rational sort of way and calls to mind Corbusier and Mondrian.

Here are some pictures of what I am priviledged to enjoy .

Combined with the crane it is reminiscent of Kandinsky and Klee

This sight (or should I say “site”) ticks quite few, aesthetic boxes for me.

I also love the way the concrete changes colour and when it first dried out to a white (bloom) it was quite spectacular and ticked a favourite aesthetic box for me.

Looking and seeing is such a joy and in the city we have to look quite hard for purity and essence of form.
Ok so it is design  that Im seeing but  that crane driver is definitely an artist  .
Paul Klee

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  1. SO glad you came onto my blog, because now I found YOURS!!! I would love your take on the architecture in the gaming industry; there is a game called Bioshock that takes place in an underwater 1920s style world, encrusted with barnicles... the detail is incredible.


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