Thursday, 3 June 2010


                                                 Marylin Monroe in THE MISFITS (1961)

I have been planninga  to visit India for a couple of years now ... to find a place where I can spend the winter: that’s one reason..physical comfort.

Above and beyond the physical, I feel I can no and longer live comfortably in this disgraceful and disgraced society.

Yes I am very upset about the BP oil spillage it has just pushed me over an edge and given me , like many others a very loud wake-up call.

I'm not saying that I cant live here ,in this location although that is debatable , there is much to commend London and above all the people are by and large tolerant which is saying a lot.

Having lived in the depths of the English countryside in the wilderness that is Dartmoor for five years or so , the experience of the divine that I had there was awesome , it was an idyll , but the people , I found to be very disconnected from the outside ,”outsiders” and each other ,rather  bigoted in their views and lacking in any desire to connect . They were very materialistic, fought over literally millimetres of land and all sought to compete to have more “stuff” than the other.

Church attendance was down to an average of five per service over a year and that includes Xmas etc. where I was.

Whilst farmers traditionally help each other out with harvesting etc it was reciprocal and whilst that’s no bad thing it’s not giving that’s just a “deal”.

I gave all I could of my time skills joy running projects etc... and that’s another thing ... they seemed to think that all incomers were wealthy !!

India is still steeped in the religious belief and practice of "oneness" of connectedness the Vedic notion that there is no “other”

I have also been dreaming all my life of living in a morally and ergo, ecologically, sustainable community.

The ashram beckons .

I know it is a cop-out in many ways but truly I am tired of compromising my own better judgement as I conform and fit into modern western culture. (which, though I say so myself, I make a fairly good job of, but it is taking its toll. I long to move on to develop, to grow .I feel I have outgrown this western world or that perhaps it has outgrown me and would enloy life on a more human local scale .

Perhaps, I am thinking “at least half the year away living a wholesome contemplative life of spiritual devotion will see me through six months of mammon”

Yes I am deeply and tiresomely (to myself at least) sensitive to humanities destructive tendencies. For every wonderful human-being who has transcended his or her wretched ego there seem to be  at least two or three who are caught up in the drama of "who they are" or at least who and what they believe they are.

Caught up in their desire for status , for power over others and dominion over the natural world and its resources .Yes I have been deeply saddened by the current oil leakage I have wept tears of frustration and anger.

Here I am speaking my MIND ,the mind of emotions ... I can and do rise above this mind and exercise my intellectual ,contemplative mind that does not have any preference for the secular or religious ,East or West, here or there,

But emotions arise have to be embraced processed and dealt with and the fact is I am angry and sad.

I guess this is my little drama.

My contemplative mind, the drama to one side, requires that I weigh up the environmental pros and cons of long-haul flight don’t I? ..........don't  WE all?

to watch Marylin Monroe in a clip from THE MISFITS   click here      I first saw this film as a very young person          Enjoythe clip enjoy living whetever you are     and lets all get  sensitive


  1. I haven't finished reading your entire post but I'm reminded of a joke I had the plaesure to hear, the punch line was something like tie wash eeee wrong hole I gottas get smokes would lve to find lawyeres or is that liars?

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