Tuesday, 4 September 2007


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4 September 2007
I am liiving in two worlds ,albeit that my address is Chelsea ,London.
Is it any wonder that it is difficult and stressful?
Being poor in a rich area,some would say that I am fortunate.
and in truth I am in some ways or by some reckoning.
I stand a significant chance of living a long life.
The streets are very clean.
my neighbours by and large all look good
The properties are well kept
There are is a huge variety of merchandise available to me at every turn.
O yes there are very many shops.!
The local colleges are well funded.
The state secondary schools are .....state schools populated by children like my own
There is a plethera of private infant and primary schools
I am surronded by evidence of money and lots of it.
In this blog I explore the crepuscular world in which I live
like a mermaid ,a crab or any other amphibious creature
I will try to establish a better relationship with my environment
attempt to identify my place in this place
The burning question is
Should I move...............................................?


  1. Ahhhh . controversy!
    this is such an old blog as you can see. It was written before the great credit squeeze!
    It seems that pretty much everyone was living on credit at that time except me!!
    Things have changed a lot . I feel far less alienated now from the society in which I live .
    I laugh a lot to see people talking of making -do -and- mending, recycling last years fashion items, consuming less and generally finding ways of saving money many I believe have given up shopping at Waitrose in favour of Sainsburys which I am reliably informed has cheaper stuff on offer .
    Observing this shift gives me a warm sort of patronising feeling all over ... (In the nicest possisble way of course!)More of this in a later blog I think .


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